> Von: Olivier Ripoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> I disagree with your interpretation of my messages. :)

> Please keep in mind the reason for my messages: One person asked for 
> points he could discuss/investigate for an article about the UI. I 
> suggested to show the improvements for previous version. Then I was 
> asked what were the points still generating complaints. I listed what 
> are the two most frequent one in my opinion.

> PS: And in case it is not clear after me writing it 4 times now: The 
> Gimp UI has improved since 1.2.x.

Unfortunately you excluded the HIG issue in your reply. As you point out,
this is most likely becoming the source for an article about the GIMP GUI.
Should it then be that easy to get to a totally different interpretation of
your message?

I doubt that someone who doesn't know the HIG and the changes in the GIMP
GUI that were caused by following these guidelines is able to understand
your message correctly.

The one issue you're complaining about is the file chooser - I know why
you're doing this, I did so myself initially (I have changed my opinion in
the meantime). But you made it sound like following HIG is a bad thing in
general - I think it wasn't your intention, but as I wrote before, you
avoided to give a straight answer to this yet.


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