Sven Neumann wrote:

Olivier Ripoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

And why are the dialogues for icm/icc profile selection (unstable
gimp) and "folders" in the preferences using a different file selector
(no file type drop-down, different window sizes) ? Sure it could be
made more consistent.

This is so silly. Why should a folder selection dialog have a file
type drop-down and why should the dialog care about the size you have
last used on your File->Open dialog?

Answer for the size: because of the bookmark list on the left. If you have some bookmarks there, the window that opens is too small to show all the bookmarks. Then you have a scrollbar or two appearing (one vertical, one horizontal). Bad for usability. If you use the same window+dialogue geometry as the open dialogue, then you have usually set this window to a sane geometry (no need for scrollbars in the bookmark area).

Also, I think consistency is better if similar windows look the same. This would also apply to some plugins (lighting effects, imagemap, ...) but I do not have problems with the size of their dialogues. I have it with the export/import path dialogues though. Too small.

Please ignore the color profile choosers. They are supposed to be
replaced by something completely different.

A flying circus ?

Best regards, und shoenes wochenende für alles.



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