One other nit-pick: I can't just paste text for the path, I have to start typing first then I can paste. With a text widget, well, the path acts like any other text.

Matt Gushee wrote:

Sven Neumann wrote:

they fixed something that IMHO was not broken, for the sake of the
non-technical users they hope to attract to the GNOME platform, and at
the expense of *actual* users who, for the most part, have no trouble
typing /path/to/whatever and would like to be able to do so with a
minimum of fuss.

Have you ever tried to type /path/to/whatever into a GTK+ file-chooser
dialog? Can there be any less fuss?

You mean GTK2? Okay, now I see that it works. But people like me who have been using GUIs since the mid-80s are accustomed to having a text entry widget to type into. When there is no such widget, people ... well, I don't know about 'people', but I tend to assume that text input is not allowed. So maybe the new dialog isn't so bad after all ... but how are users supposed to know they can type in a path?

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