On Saturday 04 March 2006 09:07, Geoffrey wrote:
> I've heard very little about GIMPSHOP, yet you claim it's 'generated
> more excitement then the Gimp ever has.'

Amongst artists I know, yes, it has.

> How about backing up your statement with some facts?  Google:
> gimp: 30,600,000 hits
> gimpshop: 447,000 hits

Those are facts?

> Wow, that's a lot of excitement alright.

447 THOUSAND hits? Yeah, you're right, it is. I am surprised it was that 
many...Thanks for supporting my point.

> > You say better...
> > I think we have reached the limit of your ability to converse
> > thoughtfully in this conversation.
> My ability extends well beyond your understanding.

Wow, I'm impressed, Obi-Wan.
Who's the troll now, tough guy?

> > Oh well, it's done, so let's take what it generated and try to bring
> > something positive out of it. Trying to surf the wave of interest would
> > be NICE.
> Just because something has 'happened' doesn't mean you accept it.

The point is: you don't have to accept or not accept it...USE it to further 
your own goals...

> I personally don't want to start seeing confusing posts regarding
> interfaces because someone is posting about gimpshop on a gimp list.

Of all the things to worry about...I'd be glad that it was that popular to 
even cause a problem. Let's jump off that bridge when we get to it.

> I'd suggest that someone create a GIMPSHOP list and post questions
> regarding that charade there.

I'm sorry, but your huffy-puffy attitude reminds me of those Grey Poupon 
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