Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:

On Tuesday 28 February 2006 10:24 pm, scott s. wrote:
I have some raster images that I need to combine.  Each raster is
in tiff format grayscale.

In image->mode menu , you will find the "compose" plug-in.
Use that.

The only catch is that all three images must be the same size bedfore combining, so you may have to crop/scale before doing that.


Thanks Joao -- I was having trouble getting the "compose" to
work (no matter what I did it was "grayed out").  Then I realized in
manipulating the data in another program, the images were being
saved as "indexed" not "grayscale".  Once I changed that I could
load 3 different bands (tiffs)  and assign them as RGB channels in
the compose filter and it worked out great.

Just for info, the data is satellite Landsat 7 enhanced thematic
mapper, which is a multisensor imaging device that produces
data in about 9 different spectral bands + one panchromatic
grayscale.  GIMP is working very nicely in combining the
band data to create false-color images.

scott s.

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