Hi there,

I met Wolfgang Drotschmann from the LinuxTag e.V. at the Chemnitzer
LinuxTage last weekend. He kindly asked, if the developers or users of
the GIMP want to present the project at the upcoming LinuxTag in
Wiesbaden. The LinuxTag will help us of providing chairs, tables, beamer

So, is there somebody who wants to volunteer for this (incl. planning
and communicating with the LinuxTag e.V.)? Wolfgang gave me an e-mail
address where we still can announce our project and also request for help:

I would volunteer, but unfortunately I'm not in Germany at this time, so
I'm not able to drive to Wiesbaden. 

Sebastian Laube, an enthusiastic GIMP user (who also helped to answer
lots of user questions at the Chemnitzer LinuxTage) would like to help
in Wiesbaden.

Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de

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