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> There has been a history of Gimp leadership downplaying the needs
> of the DTP world. In particular the CMYK color model has been
> avoided. Now there is (slow) movement in that direction, but CMS
> profiles are needed as well. 

There has been what? I have been pushing the introduction of color
management using ICC profiles for quite a while. The need for other
color models and high color depths has been acknowledged years ago
when we decided that we need to redesign the GIMP core to be able to
handle all this.  I have been supporting anyone who has expressed
his/her interest to work on the GIMP code.

Sorry, but we haven't been downplaying.  We are simply only a handful
of developers who happen to have a full-time job, a real life and only
a limited amount of time that we cannot put into improving GIMP. I
would love to be able to work on more drastic changes, but currently
my time is pretty much eaten by maintaining the current code, dealing
with bug reports, applying patches, helping occasional contributors
and sometimes even writing some code that will hopefully bring us
closer to the long-awaited 2.4 release.

If we want to improve GIMP, we need to stop beating each other over
each others heads and instead start to work together, attract more
developers and do the changes that we all know are very much needed.

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