Michael Schumacher wrote:
wayne wrote:


Saw the above article on Newsforge.

Well, it shows that the author doesn't read the OpenUsability forum. Of
course, this makes it a suitable article for NewsForged, but without
proof for the authors claims it is worthless.

I'd highly recommend and appreciate it if anyone who wants to
participate in the discussion that will take place in this thread reads
the relevant sources (OpenUsability forum, GIMP mailing list archives,
news group and Bugzilla for threads concerning GIMPShop) himself and in
whole. Thank you.


Hi Michael,

I have been searching for the bugzilla for occurrences of the word "gimpshop" and cannot find anything except a small refernce to changing the name of the "dialogs" menu (*).

Do you have any bug in mind ? I might have not used the bugzilla search function very efficiently.

Thanks in advance,



(*) Well, I found 4 bugs, but in 2, "gimpshop" is just used to say "works for me in gimp and gimpshop" and in the third, "gimpshop" looks like a misspelling of "gimpshot"

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