On Tue, 14 Mar 2006, Akkana Peck wrote:

> Zhang Weiwu writes:
> > Hello. After read some GIMP tutorials and practised a little bit, I feel
> > like that I can make an image like in this example:
> >
> > gopher://sdf.lonestar.org/I/users/weiwu/trans_sample.jpeg
> >
> > Looks really simple, I can do this image in OpenOffice Draw in 3 mintues:
> > open the photo, create a shape of rounded square, put it above the photo,
> > adjust opacity, put text above the rounded square.
> >
> > Now this is what I did in GIMP, spending me 4 hours:
> Yikes! No, it's really easy in GIMP, and it's basically the same
> steps as in a vector drawing program, except that you have to create
> the layer explicitly (which a vector drawing program does with every
> new object).
> 1. Open the photo.
> 2. Make a new layer (click the New button in the Layers dialog).
> 3. Use the rect select tool to select the rectangle.
> 4. Round the selection with "Rounded Rectangle" (in the Select menu).
> 5. Fill it with white (Edit->Fill with FG should do it if you
>    haven't changed colors from the default).
> 6. Adjust opacity with the slider in the Layers dialog.
> 7. Add the text (which will be a third layer).
> I didn't quite follow why you were using a layer mask, but it's
> not needed for a simple task like this.

Ah, thank you, this works fine for me! I think I must have wrong concept.
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