Michael Schumacher wrote:
Olivier Ripoll wrote:

I was referring to the Michael's sentence about "Bugzilla for threads
concerning GIMPShop". I am trying to find such threads in Bugzilla, but
I can't.

The one I had in mind was
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=309707. Theres' more on the
mailing list and the newsgroup comp.graphics.apps.gimp, the threads in
the latter also illustrates some of the more recent and unfortunate
effects of this fork (or, to be more precise, the GIMP/GIMPShop hybrid
Linspire ships)


Thanks Michael,

I'll have a look to the newsgroup. I remember that the issue was also mentioned on the GUG forums, so it might also be a valuable link for background on the topic:
Probably, the gimpshop blog also has some info about it in the comments related to the announcement.

Best regards,


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