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Olivier Ripoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I have no possibility for CVS access (no internet at home, and
filtered access at work). Is there a bug# where such text blobs
could be posted/discussed ? If not, is posting to the mailing-list
acceptable ?

I don't have the resources to prepare such a list nor to merge the
changes back into the source tree. For a review process it would
perhaps be possible to somehow extract a list of the strings. But it
should be a lot easier to just do these changes in the source code.


PS: CVS can be tunneled. But I don't want to get you into trouble...

Is there a possibility to use the latest tar.gz (2.3.7) and diff patches from it ?

Looking at the web cvs interface for gnome (this I can access, it is http), I can for instance see this recent change you did to the blur plugin:

You added a const gchar string
const gchar *help = "This plug-in blurs the specified drawable, using a 3x3 blur. " "Indexed images are not supported.";

So all is needed is to find a string to best describe the plugin, and store it in this help pointer, isn't it ?

It seems the help string can be multiline, am I correct on this ?

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small correction: you also changed the call to gimp_install_procedure() to use the constant strings.


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