Gracia M. Littauer wrote:
which is preferred for graphics? I've heard that lcd is not good.
In the past, CRT monitors were considered better because the displayed gamut was wider, the color consistency (same color in different areas) was better and greater resolutions were offered when compared to LCDs.  >From what I see, Apple is no longer offering CRT monitors, Viewsonic has abandoned its CRT Professional series.  Does this mean LCD monitors are on par with CRTs ?  LCDs are now a lot better than before, but since I am not a professional user and I still use my CRT,  I'd say as long as you can have calibrated colors and controlled results through the whole process (scan or photo shoot, image treatment, print) both should be ok.  I checked high-end LCD and low quality CRT and the LCD was a clear winner on comfort even if refreshing rate of the CRT was over 75 Hz.

BTW, are there any user of large recent Viewsonic LCD and CRT monitors ?  I would also like to know your opinion.

Gilles Maltais

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