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> which is preferred for graphics? I've heard that lcd is not good.

High end CRTs (probably the only ones you can find now, and in 19-22
inches sizes, price 400-600 euros) have years of development behind
them, so if you do not mind the weight and power usage, they are a
good solution, and probably cheaper than equivalent LCDs. They have
good resolution for the size (and can work at different resolutions
without problems), colour is good, just make them run in 85-100Hz.

LCDs keep improving, but they are still are evolving and catching up
(you will probably find news about "now with x% of NTSC color" or
"lots and lots of money for the medical series", for example), so do
not expect to get some cheap LCD and be as good as the CRTs still in
production (or stock, dunno if they are just running on big
stock). Even the expensive ones still have issues compared to CRTs,
and vendors just change the measure method to "show" they are better,
so take things with a grain of salt.

You better view them working, with videos and all kind of images (of
your own, preferably) before buying. Of course, if you want a 30", you
have to go with LCD.

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