[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2006-03-23 at 1824.26 +0100):
> On Thursday 23 March 2006 17:21, Rhys Sage wrote:
> > Is it likely that the GIMP will ever support RAW
> > images such as those from my XT?
> It allready does, via plugins..
> I use the dcraw plugin to manage my images from a Pentax *istDS.
> Its works like a charm.

Converting to 8 bit, so the concept is not 100% supported, it is more
like using the camera's JPEG, but being able to redo (and all the
steps afterwards, of course) as many times as you want (works, but
wastes time). If it works like a charm with such limitation... I
wonder what would be having the full input bits until the end. ;]

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