* Rhys Sage <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [03-23-06 15:22]:
> Can I write using Linux, vCDs and video DVDs and can I
> write my photos to DVD as I can with XP (and Sonic)?

Linux will make data CDs and DVDs storing graphic (photo) files.
There are several utilities to write optical media, k3b is my favorite
graphical front-end.

> How much space is all this likely to take up? 

You will have to ask this in another manner as I do not understand what
you are looking for.

> I have a 65GB HDD on my laptop which is already half full. 


> If The Gimp will do everything that Adobe Photoshop Elements and Canon
> Zoom Browser will do then I might dump XP or run dual boot.

I have *no* idea what Canon Zoom Browser will do and some idea about PS
Elements.  Gimp will probably do some thing that neither of those will do
and they will probably do some things that the Gimp does not.  Over all,
I see no reason to maintain a windoz system.  I have not had windoz on my
personal box for over seven years, and used OS/2 prior to that.
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