matt1027 wrote:
I am trying to follow this tutorial for Rough Text:

and having trouble with the Threshold step. The effect doesn't seem to take on my text layer. The only way I could make it work was by flattening the image but I don't want to do that because I want to float the text above a background.

Any suggestions?

The tutorial was written before the big rewrite of the text tool, so some things have changed. You will obtain the right effect by suppressing the alpha channel of the text layer before using threshold:
 Layer->Transparency->Remove alpha channel
Then applied threshold and finally do:
 Layer->Transparency->Add alpha channel
 Layer->Transparency->Color to alpha (choose white color)

You may also use the "Levels" tool instead of the threshold one. Select the "channel" to be "alpha" in the levels window, then move the white and black triangles of the top scale to a common point.

Also, can anyone recommend any other tutorials for Rough or Grunge Text?


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