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> On Thursday 23 March 2006 13:50, Michael Schumacher wrote:
> > Rhys Sage wrote:
> > > Ok. So Ubuntu is recommended. How about a GUI? I can't
> > > say I really care for either KDE or Gnome. I did see
> > > one called Athene that looked pretty nice but I don't
> > > know what it'd run on.
> >
> > Could it be that the person who's answering you is sending mails in
> > private? From the point of view of the list, only the half of the
> > conversation seems to be getting here.
> >
> >
> > Michael
> GUIs are tools just like any other software. What they look like
> should be subordinate to what they do. I find that sticking with
> KDE is a safe bet. I use Slack and Patrick Volkerding has already
> kicked Gnome off the island.
> If "look pretty nice" is a biggie with the other person I suggest
> that here are plenty of themes for him to play with on either
> KDE or Gnome.

To be clear, he has chosen not to include Gnome because it is a lot of
maintaince work, I believe it wasn't a case of kicking Gnome or anything
like that.  KDE is already the default in slackware and the Dropline team
provide Gnome for Slackware so it wasn't unreasonable for him to simply
let them be the ones who do Gnome for Slackware and save himself some

Alan H.
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