Hi John,

making the gradient match exactly the circle will be the tough bit, but there's a nice trick to doing something like this:

1. Create a square image
2. Make a gradient that you want to use (I created a gradient with red at both ends, and a "HSV clockwise" blend mode)
3. Blend fill your rectangle
4. Add a white to transparent gradient on the bottom for the center of your circle (otherwise it'll look funny)
5. Apply a 'polar coordinates' filter

You should get a pinwheel effect. To change the pinwheel, you just need to change the gradient.


John R. Culleton wrote:
I want to create a multicolor pinwheel effect for a
background, with the arms of each shade radiating out from a hub
and curved rather than straight. And I want the colors to blend
into each other as in a gradient. A rainbow gradient is an obvious
starting point.
Would anyone like to suggest a sequence of tools to arrive at
this effect?
I will post this query elsewhere, but will not crosspost.

David Neary

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