I'm a casual Gimp user. I have to make a brochure front-cover thing, consisting of a collection of existing images. I'm having trouble with colours.

One particular image ( which is mostly blue, and is a large JPEG file ) copies and pastes correctly into a new image. When I print it, however, it turns quite cyan. I thought this might just be my printer drivers or something ( Epson R1800 with the latest gutenprint / gimpprint drivers ), but then I noticed something very interesting.

When I select the layer with the blue image, right-click, and select:

Layer ==> Colors ==> Colorize ...

the blue image turns the *exact* colour that it turns out when printed - cyan. I've tried playing with the 'Hue' and 'Lightness' sliders. I can sort-of get a colour similar to the original, but not really. If I click 'Cancel', the colour returns to the original colour.

What's going on ( specifically, why does the blue layer change colours the moment I open the 'colorize' dialog, and is this related to the colour of the final print ), and is my colour matching problem something I'm doing wrong / something I can fix?

Thanks :)


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