Roy Sanderson wrote:


I've recently upgraded from RHL 7.3 to Fedora, and hence from Gimp version
1.2.3 to version 2.2.10  One thing that has puzzled us is that when doing a
'grab' of a single window (via File->Aquire->Screenshot), there is no
longer the option of grabbing a window without decorations (i.e. without
its title bar, control buttons etc.).  Other than selecting, copying and
pasting from the grabbed window in Gimp to exclude the decorations (which
is not always accurate and users are complaining) is there a way of getting
the 'Without Decorations' button to show as in version 1.2.3 on the
Screenshot command?

Many thanks

Similar complaint here. No matter how I try to shot just selected area I can't. When cursor turns into crosshair I can't select just desired area of window, but the whole window or screen.
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