Yo Michael,

> > > I get an error when I try to add a  Bookmark to the left window
> > > on the Open Image window. It says "Error  Could not make a
> > > bookmark Bookmark saving failed: Could not change file mode:
> > > waitpid() failed: No child processes"

Not so..Above is the problem...hers as well as mine. Exactly.

> > I have the same problem...SuSE 10 Gimp 2.2.7 (with an empty Logo,
> > just the background), when it boots & a half a full logo when I go
> > to help/about.

this is describing my system..rather poorly I admit. the last ) should 
have been on the end. It's difficult with at least 3 OSs & many flavors 
of the 3 on one list.

> This description of the "same problem" is rather different, though.

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