On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 10:33:36PM -0500, Haibo Yu wrote:
> Could anyone tell me how to make a line with arrow in gimp?
> I have been browsing through the website, but could not find.
typically, the suggestion is to use inkscape as it is a vector drawing

however, to do this in gimp, use the path tool.  you can very easily
make straight line segments with this tool and Edit-->Stroke Path gives
a dialog with several different options and even tools to paint along
your paths.

also, once you have a line with an arrow that you like, you can
duplicate it and use the transformation tools (scale and rotate, for
instance) and the move tool to get the same arrow in different sizes and
pointing in different directions.

you can also export your arrow to svg via the path dialog.  right click
on the dialog and there is an option to export.  then you can easily
import your arrow into other images.

also, sorry about the web site.  it was made for gimp-1.2.  the path
tool has changed (and improved) about the most of any of the tools since
that version of gimp.


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