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> On Saturday 15 April 2006 07:51, Joshua Raphael Fuentes wrote:
> > One thing that I've noticed with gimp is that the layering is doesn't
> > have a "foldering' feature. If you are familiar with adobe photoshop 7
> > (or later), there is a feature wherein you can put layers into folder,
> > thus adding effect on them collectively.
> i think the feature that comes closet to that is the filter 'filter all 
> layers' and if you save the image as an .xcf all such changes are saved, 
> i'm not sure why one would want or need  this foldering feature you 
> mention photoshop has ?

It allows order, organization. And good organization makes possible a
known workflow, instead of every time trying to solve the problems
like if new. With a good workflow you are less stressed, do more in
less time, get better results...

Imagine 100 layers but with relations like "these layers form a group,
the background, then I have three other groups, one per language we
publish" (seen that one recently) or "all these 7 are the car, these
other 20 are the persons and these 15 are the houses in background"
(any complex work in which you do not want to merge layers so you can
change things later). Or that you make the groups based in what part
of the job you have done or have to do (there is another way for this,
colour tagging, better sometimes as they do not have to form a
continous block). That allows some things that at best are a nightmare
with current tools.

First, being able to toggle visibility of a group quickly (vs many
clicks and then many undos to go back to were you started). Or move a
bunch of layers to different position in the stack (tree behind car or
better in front?).

Second, navigate faster the stack to find the exact things you want
(car / windows, vs scroll all the dialog and find it... oops, car's
windows, not house's).

Third, via other features that work in a layer (layer mask, adjusment
layers, layer effects...), and taking each group result as if it was a
single layer, do operations on multiple items without destroying
layers (nor having to keep separate child xcfs and then copy & paste
the results every now and then into the master xcf). Filter all will
not do the same, as filtering layer A and filtering layer B, then
merging the results does not have to be the same than merging layer A
and B, then filtering that result.

I probably forgot a fourth, fifth... use your imagination. Or sit near
someone that wants to do something or worse, has to do it "for
yesterday" (in this case do not "sit" in his shoulder like a parrot,
he can get "picky", use a "furniture" approach instead ;] ).

There are bugs filled about all this family of interelated features,

Layer groups (or even layer trees, like in compositors)

Adjusment layers (basically a blend mode that ignores FG and applies
an operation, like Curves or Levels, to the BG, area of effect is
controlled by layer mask)

Layer effects

Layer effects, but with any filter

Layer working as mask for others (I think this one is related to
"atop" in Porter & Duff terms)

Multiple layers with same content (related to trees)

Fill layers that just keep a colour or pattern (updating on resize, etc)

Wow, it seems the one about been able to tag layers with colours is
not filled. Anybody found something like that in bugzilla?

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