On Sun, 16 Apr 2006, Simon Roberts wrote:

> Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 11:22:44 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Simon Roberts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To: gimp-user@lists.xcf.berkeley.edu
> Subject: [Gimp-user] Help with batch printing please?
> Hi All,
> I'd like to be able to have gimp print something from a command line,
> so I can use it in a batch job.
> Well, to back up a little, I guess what I want is to be able to print
> high quality graphics from a command-line but so far, the only thing I
> have that I'm aware of that does this on my Epson R200 printer is the
> What I'm trying to do is create a script to do it, but the docs seem a
> little thin (maybe I'm missing something). Anyway, I found something
> about script-fu, and tried to work from that. What I have doesn't work,
> and I don't seem to be able to find useful error messages (the console,
> after it fails, doesn't say anything helpful).

would still be worth including in your message ...

> So, if anyone can suggest any or all of: 1) how do I debug this? 2)
> where can I find more information on scripting and 3) maybe tell me
> what is wrong with this, or what other command line utility I should
> use, I'd be very grateful.

possibly use ImageMagick instead, it is designed for batch processing but
I'd expect this to be possible

> Here's the non-working script:
> (define (gimp-batch-print filename)
>    (let* ((image (car (gimp-file-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE filename
> filename)))

For starters you would need to define a value for  RUN-NONINTERACTIVE
somewhere, set it as 0 1 depending on what you want.

I found that really confusing and quite unclear when writeing my first
scripts.  I'd recommend hard coding everything and then cleanup the script
once you have something which actually works  (you probably do not
really need to fill in any of those text strings for example).

>           (drawable (car (gimp-image-get-active-layer image))))
>           (file_print_gimp RUN-NONINTERACTIVE
>            image drawable "EpsonR200" "EpsonR200" raw 1
>            "1440 x 720 DPI Highest Quality"
>            "Photo Quality Inkjet Paper"8

at the end of the line you have an extra 8, that doens't look right, I'd
at least expect a space after the quoted string

>            "Standard"
>            100.0 100.0 -1 -1 -1 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 0 2 100.0 100.0
>            "Six Color Photo"
>            "Adaptive Hybrid"
>            0)
>           (gimp-image-delete image)))
> Which I put in my scripts directory and tried to run with:
> gimp -b gimp-batch-print ~/color.gif

I assume you have stepped through the process manulaly and have the
necessary gif and printer support setup.

Hope that helps

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