I have some 3x5 templates in .png format that I downloaded. I want to
print them out in landscape format, because if I print them as portrait
my printer bracket won't come in tight enough to hold the card in
place. So, I open the .png in Gimp and flip it 90 degrees and save it.
I then try to print it from Gimp, with 3x5 specified as the paper size.
What gets printed is a long string of raw Postscript and nothing else.
I have to kill the print job. I'm using Gimp 2.2.10 with CUPS 1.1.23 on
a Slackware box. Any clues as to what is wrong? Am I using a crappy
print driver? The printer is an Epson C-62 inkjet. It prints without
problems otherwise, even some 3x5 cards in landscape. But those are
from a Web page where formatting is enforced by CSS. 
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