Jeffrey McBeth wrote:
I have some image files for which the extension may have been written incorrectly, i.e. they say .jpg but i suspect they are really png's. Can GIMP tell me the file type of a file it has opened. I know it examines the magic numbers to determine how to handle it so it must know. How can I make it tell me!!!

Or if you know of an easy way to determine file type, without relying on the extension, from a non GIMP technique or tool.

I sent you a message offline about how to do it using a text editor.

But, I forgot some things

If you use Linux or Mac, you can type "file filenamehere" and it will tell you a bunch of information about the file (including the type).

imagemagick comes with identify, which is a great tool, particularily for image files.

Until later, Geoffrey

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