steven woody ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> thanks, but the link seems not accessable from here.  the core
> statement in my xcf2png is below:
> ( file-png-save 1 image drawable pngfile pngfile 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 )
> so, to replace the above statement i think i have to unstand it first.
>  it seems easy to guess that 'file-png-save' is a function and from
> the context i can guess the number '9' is the compression level.

No need to guess, the PDB Browser (Xtns->Procedure Browser) has
descriptions for all these numbers.

> to replace it, i think i need a function like file-tif-save or
> file-tiff-save. is there such a function? if so, what parameters i
> have to provide to it?  before knowing of these information i think i
> can do nothing on it.

The PDB Browser also has a nifty search function  :-)

(The candidate is file_tiff_save)

Hope this helps,
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