Vytautas P. wrote:
GIF handles transparency perfectly, but it can not handle partial transparency. And it is not good at colours. When removing background, do not forget to add alpha channel Layer>Transparency>Add Alpha channell.

Hi Vytautas,

This really is a subjective point:

Imagine an opaque door. It can be opened or closed. When it is closed, you see nothing through. When it is opened you see totally through the door opening. No one would ever pretend that this door is transparent when opened. On the contrary, a window is transparent. It means you see through, although you lose some light in the process, especially if the window is dirty or tinted.

As a physicist (optician), to me, transparency is not a binary property. Transparency is a complex property containing amplitude and phase (and often depends on the spectrum). GIF in my view does not support transparency, just some "cut through" property. You just can say "cut a hole in the image" like you would with scissors and a sheet of paper, you do not say "make this pixel transparent", which you can do with PNG.

But this is my perspective, and you are allowed to disagree ;)

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