> I am trying to determine a way to transform (scale, rotate, etc) a path using
> PDB functions. This would be similar to the way the various Transform Tools
> permit the selection of the "Affect" option.
> At a minimum, I should like to perform a simple X-Y scaling of a path;
> so as an alternate solution, is it reasonable to just apply a scale
> factor to all of the path points to achieve this? Or does this not
> work with Bezier curves?

In current development versions there is a new PDB API for paths that
includes the function gimp-vectors-stroke-scale() that does what you
want to do. Hmm. Come to think of it I probably also should add
gimp-vectors-scale for convenience. Not sure.

However in 2.2 this is not possible. Sorry...

I hope this helps,
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