On 01/05/2006, at 9:56 PM, Andrea Sozzi wrote:

Never you mind wrote:

I'm running gimp v2.2.10 on freeBSD v6 with KDE 3.5.2
gimp will let me close any window that I create but it won't let me close the windows that it opens when it opens, ie, "The Gimp" and "Layers, Channels, Paths etc". I see a message that says:

I had the same problem with gimp v2.2.10 on freeBSD v6.0 with Gnome 2.12.

- I had no problem after installing FreeBSD 6.0.

- The problem started after a GTK upgrade (i daily upgrade ports)

- The problem was fixed after Gimp upgrade to version 2.2.11

So, at least in my case, it seems that versions of GTK and Gimp shipped with FreeBSD 6.0 worked fine together; later there was an incompatibility which was quickly fixed (few days).

Maybe you upgraded GTK but not Gimp?

Maybe? Now I've upgraded Gimp and everything works nicely.



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