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Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 13:18:44 -0500
Is there anyway to draw a line in gimp and put arrows at the end of the
line.  Photoshop's line tool can apparently do this with ease...

          1)  Select Brush tool with the desired brush size.
          2)  Click with the brush tool somewhere on the canvas. That
will, for example
               make the start of the line.
          3)  With SHIFT pressed, click with the brush tool somewhere
else where you want
               the arrow line to end.  This will draw a straight line
with your brush type.  Release
               the SHIFT key then.
          4)  Now draw the arrow-head (two tiny lines jutting out
from one end of the line) the
               same way.  You can draw a filled arrow-head the same
way - just draw one more
               tiny line joining the two other tiny lines going
angularly outwards  from the end of
               the main line and then FILL it with the bucket tool
with the color you used to draw
               the arrow.

               Now, for example, if you do it on a flat-color
background then you can
               easily select it and convert it to path so that you
can shape it to your liking.

               OR, save it as a brush.

Hope that sounds easy.

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