Hello everyone.

I am Milbo. A hobby developer of "maps" for Egoshooters.http://www.bhangla.de/milbo/

My Problem now is that i want to Script-Fu a picture and that I want to repaint the alphachannel manually.

I really understund alphachannels since i was involved in the gpgpu.org project (calculating with the shaderlanguages of graphiccards).

I just added an alphachannel and wanted to add a monochromatic picture to it. It is impossible for me to change any value of the alphachannel. I opened the chanalmixer and made all layers visible (with the eye) and only marked the alphachannel. I couldnĀ“t do anything. In the moment I marked e.g the red channel I was able to paint the values for the red channel. I wanted to do the same thing with the alpha channel... no chance. I am using gimp 2.2.9.
Is there a chance to use the alphachannel manually?

Ah yes and another thing. The alphachannel is painted black in the big window. But in the small preview in the chanalmixer it looks white? According to the visibility the alphachannel is white everywhere (value 1).
Strange i am confused.

cya and thanks for reading my angry writings (sorry got crazy here before I decided to write an helpmail)

Greets Milbo
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