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I just have a simple question on how to add a watermark to an image?

I'm sure there are tutorials someplace on this, but here is my quick overview.

Several ways of doing this. If you just want a copyright on one image then in Gimp
open the text tool (a big T). The tricky part is the (C) symbol. Presumably there are keystrokes to get a (C) to appear but it has never worked for me so I use gucharmap and select a (C) from there. You may want to knock down the opacity of the text layer (from the layer dialogue).

If you have several images to copyright I use imagemagick's composite. Once I've created a file that just has my copyright statement in it (copyd.png) I do:
composite -gravity SouthEast -geometry +100+100 /home/bonzo/photos/copyd.png orig.jpg new.jpg

I'm no lawyer, but I read that to be "legal" a copyright must have the symbol, (C) is not good enough, the date, and an identifing "name".

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