On Thursday 18 May 2006 08:46 am, Pásztor Lénárd Zoltán wrote:
>           Hi!
> I change strings in a formerly made psd and I would like print it
> with cups on a distant printer. Because lpr cannot interpret the
> psd, I need to convert it. Imagemagick displays only a blank
> picture and the result of the conversion is a blank picture too. I
> successfully printed it with Gimp through gimp-print. Because I'm a
> beginner with Gimp and Gimp batch scripts, that's why I would like
> to ask for a simple Gimp batch script that sends the file defined
> in the parameter to the printer.
> Maybe you can suggest another format where the text seen on the
> picture is stored as a string in the file and it is changeable -
> with sed for example. I found only the psd format till now, that's
> why I choose it, but I can't print it from the command line, so it
> needs a solution.
you could do that in postscript itself.

CHanging a string in postscript is not even a hack - it is the 
norm. :-)

And certaily lpr would not have trouble using postscript.

you can simply save a postscript image with the gimp, and inside the 
file, insert before the "showpage" command a few lines to draw your 

However, setting the font with that can be a bit tricky.

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