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> Carol Spears wrote:
> > well, the book is out now and interestingly enough, the GIMP Animation
> > Plug-in is in need of testing before its release.
> I am not really sure what this means but if you are seeking volunteers to 
> follow
> the instructions in the book for using the GAP then I would be willing. 
> Although

well, i actually meant that i needed something to film so i could use
GAP.  filming my friend akkana signing her book would be a film i could
get locally and i have so many reasons to want to see the success.

this is the reason i sent it to her publisher as well.  only publishers
know what it is they had in mind when they found their authors.  i
suspect that the publisher has been helping her all through the process.
how does the print world work?  it is me guessing how it works.  i fully
admit to that.

> I would ask that the appropriate section(s) be e-mailed to me as I doubt that 
> I
> will be purchasing it in the near future (most of the stuff which interests me
> is more technical and only to be had by reading the source).
i bought gimp books back in the day when i had money.  i enjoyed it when
i thought i was helping to sell them as well.  

the testing actually needs to be done with cvs-gap.  i am living in such
an environment where right now, i can only imagine how the
"professionals" work and what they work with.  there is very little to
film here and working on image stacks that are not very inspiring to me
is like working on image stacks that are not very inspiring to me.

capturing a few images of a person chosen by a publisher who finished
their task and made it into print -- this would be an inspiring film for
me.  and probably the testing of GAP would be easier if i had a goal in

> I am starting to gain a pretty good grasp of the GAP, due in large part to the
> tutorials on your site.
hof wrote the best one, with all due respect.  i put it online.  i guess
my site gets a lot of traffic.  sometimes i even wonder if the web site
i have authored is what is actually being seen.

perhaps you could pass a long a screenshot or two of the things that you
see in your browser when you see my site?  i have not checked my site
from another computer for years now.  it might help me to see exactly
what you see while i am working on the rewrite....

> Good luck with your filming.

yep, well, while gimp does not understand printer colors -- this gimp
tutorial author does not understand exactly how the print industry

i admit, sometimes it looks like a bad trap.  getting the opportunity to
film a success story like akkanas would help me to dispell this feeling.
i am actually glad to be behind the camera at this point in my life.

how does the print industry work, btw?


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