The relevant entry in my Vim User Manual reads as follows:

| Each time you left-click with the mouse, you create a new control point,
| which is connected to the last control point by a curve that tries to
| follow edges in the image. To finish, click on the first point (the
| cursor changes to indicate when you are in the right spot). 
| When you are satisfied, click anywhere inside the
| curve to convert it into a selection.

In a trial-run (on a new blank page) everything works perfectly,

However, when I attempt to select a irregular shape from an existing
image, something is different.  Selecting the control points works;
getting back to the first point also works (confirmed by Quick Mask).

Converting the outlined area to a selection fails.  Instead of
"marching ants" I get an additional (unsolicited) control point,

I am using Gimp 2.2 in a Linux Debian 3.1 environment. 

What have I missed?

Felix Karpfen

Felix Karpfen

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