hi all,

i put some system info at the bottom of this email.

when saving an image with ctrl-shft-s, the first dialog that pops up
has a blank filename field.  at the same time, there is a message
reported by gimp. the message appears in the xterm which I used to
invoke gimp.  an example message is:

(gimp:6896): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_file_system_path_to_uri: assertion
`path != NULL' failed

if i cancel that dialog, then issue ctrl-shft-s again, the same dialog
pops up but the filename field is nicely filled out with "current"

any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance,

## gimp -v
GIMP version 2.2.10

## uname -a
Linux sweetiepie #1 Wed May 3 04:53:23 UTC 2006
i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux

## find /opt -name "*gtk*so"
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