On Friday 12 August 2005 07:49 am, Robin Bowes wrote:
> michael chang wrote:
> >On 8/11/05, Robin Bowes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >>PS. Is it just me, or are Sven's and Michael's posts not getting
> >> to the list? I'm only getting the copy that is sent directly to
> >> me and the copy to the list is not arriving.
> >
> >It's just you.  If you take a look at the headers, it's the same
> >message, with you in the To: field, and the list being put in the
> > CC: list.  Chances are, your client [like my "client" - GMail's
> > web interface] is smart enough to know when a message is a
> > duplicate, and display it only once.
> >
> >After all, each e-mail has a seperate ID or whatever... among
> > other things... which could implement this functionality.
> Michael,
> I have filtering code that automatically detects mail from mailing
> lists and sorts it into folders and I'm haven't received any
> messages from Sven or yourself that were sent to the list. I get
> the copy sent to me personally, but I would expect to see two
> messages - one to me personally, and one from the list.
> Not sure why that is happening...

The gimp list server does not deliver you a message that has your 
e-mail explicit in the cc:  or to: fields through the list. Tjis is 
the deafult behavior and can be changed in the mail-list preferences 
in the web page.

> R.
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