first of all, many thanks for this great image software, I'm working with it for some years now on amateur level, however, and I really like GIMP.

Since I didn't find in the plug-in directory something I searched for (HDR) and didn't know other keywords for it, I like to ask in this list.

Are there any possibilities in GIMP or GIMP plug-ins to superpose multiple photos with different exposures into one new photo? I've seen such photos on and was very impressed. I don't know the correct terminus for that processing, I guess it is called High Dynamic Range (HDR). I found a company which offers such a software and I've been told that some Photoshop versions support this. I found also a GIMP version by Industrial Light & Magic which is said to support this, but I couldn't figure out details.

Regardless my terrible description, someone on this list probably know what I'm looking for :-)

Thank you,

with greetings from Bavaria in Germany.
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