On Sun, May 28, 2006 at 03:07:08AM -0400, adly mabro wrote:
> Do I have to convert my gif animation to avi in order to get my layers into 
> frames using "Split Video into Frames", or is there another way in gap, 
> that is still automated?
an animated gif is a image with color restrictions and is made of layers.  
an avi is an mp3 with encoding limitations and is made of frames.

you should first use gap to split the gif into separate images using
<Image>/Video/Split image into frames and then re-encode into avi using
<Image>/Video/Encode/Master videoencoder.

the default settings for the gap master encoder will produce an avi that
has been reported to not be viewable on Windows.  i don't know if that
has changed.  this caused me to change the encoding (on a
recommendation) to ts format (found somewhere in the master videoencoder

good luck with that as there are apparently as many different video
encodings as there are people in this world.  and perhaps more as those
people are allowed to change their minds and rethink the things they
have done and written.


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