Dan Giel wrote:

I am new to gimp and am having trouble removing unwanted objects from digital photos. I have tried CLONE, Erasure etc, but to no avail. Where can I go to find information to remove unwanted objects from pictures. Hope someone can help.

Well, the first thing to consider is that, since your graphics are digital photos they don't contain any "objects." They consist entirely of pixels in various colors.

That may be stating the obvious, but the point is that since the picture is nothing but patches of color, any (semi-)automatic retouching tool is going to define objects according to its own rules, and how well that works will depend greatly on the kind of image you have and what kind of artifacts you're trying to remove. So it would be helpful if you'd explain more specifically what you are trying to do.

But regarding the clone tool, I've always found it tremendously useful for photo retouching. What exactly happened (or failed to happen) when you tried it?

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