I am getting Epson Stylus COLOR 1520 set up for first time.

I am using gimp 2.2.8 with Fedora Core 3.

I scanned image , and saved as jpeg. It prints out as pages of text. No image. I get the same kind of result if I draw rectangles filled w/color in gimp. I also drew the same rectangles using Open Office.Org Draw. The 1520 printed them OK. Gimp did print the images as images, not text at first. I then had to do a lot of work cleaning the print heads. Now I just get text, not image.

For example:
%%Creator: Print plug-in V4.2.7 - 15 Jul 2004 for GIMP/Gimp-print 4.2.7 (15 Jul 2004)
%%CreationDate: Sun Jun 4 10:27:52 2005
%Copyright: bla bla bla ...
%%BoundingBox: 44 6 567 756
%% documentData: Clean7Bit
%%LanguageLevel: 2
%%Pages 1
%%Orientation: Portrait
%%End Comments
%%Page: 1 1
44 756 translate
0.769 0.770 scale
/DeviceRGB setcolorspace
                  /ImageType 1
                  /Width 680
                  /Height 935
                  /BitsPerComponent 8
                  /Decode [ 010101 ]
                  /Data Source currentfile /ASCII85Decode filter
                  /Interpolate true
                  /ImageMatrix [ 100-101
I now get pages and pages of text at this point]

I used the cups utility at http://localhost:731 to kill the job. I have even turned the printer off, disonnected it from the computer and power overnight, and shutdown the computer and restarted it with the same results
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