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Resynthesizer[1], Texture Ops [2], Texturize[3] and GREYCstoration[4].

I was wondering: What is the status of these 4 plugins with respect to integration to main Gimp branch ? Is it planned to merge them in the future, or are they too big and complex ? (e.g. dependencies) IMHO, they are some of the most impressive image processing plugins added to gimp in the last few years, so I am curious. Especially, TextureOps and Texturize produce much better results than "make seamless".

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[1] http://www.logarithmic.net/pfh/resynthesizer
[2] http://www.logarithmic.net/pfh/textureops
[2] http://www.manucornet.net/Informatique/Texturize.php
[3] http://www.haypocalc.com/wiki/Gimp_Plugin_GREYCstoration
and http://www.greyc.unicaen.fr/~dtschump/greycstoration/

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