> > Attempt to select the text to rotate at an arbitrary angle.  When I
> > click on the text with the rotation tool selected, or go from
> > Layer/Transform/Arbitrary Rotation the entire window becomes selected
> > and the text does not rotate. 
> > Has anyone else seen this problem?  Is there some configuration setting
> > that I'm missing?
> Check the tool options of the rotate tool, the "Affect" setting in
> particular. If it is set to Selection, the tool behaves like you did
> describe it about. Set it back to "Layer".
> http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-tool-rotate.html
> HTH,
> Michael

OK, I figured out why it was seeming to work different on different
machines.  It seems that the 'Affects' setting is saved globally,
instead of per image file.  So if it was set to Selection instead of
Layer when the GIMP exits then it is 'restored' as that setting when
the GIMP starts next time.


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