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> Hi,
> On Sun, 2006-06-18 at 18:34 +0100, Adrian Speich wrote:
> > My crop button in in the image menu is disabled (greyed out), I have
> > tried to crop loads of different files (jpg, bmp, gif), made sure I have
> > write permissions on them all, and same thing.

Were you expecting the menu item to show a Crop dialog?  (The presence of
three dots, also known as ellipses usually indicate if a dialog requiring
further input will appear.)

> Crop in the menus is a shortcut for cropping to the bounding box of the
> current selection. So it is grayed out if there is no selection. Either
> use the selection tools to select an area to crop, or use the Crop tool
> for cropping.

Bruce Tognazzi calls this "Grey Doubt".  It is very hard to figure out how
to reenable menu items which are disabled like this.

I'm not sure if GTK has yet made it possible to provide tooltips or status
bar messages for disabled menu items but other toolkits do which help
alleviate the problem.  The alternative is to present things in another
way and avoid disabling menu items but there isn't any obviously better
alternative in this situation.


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