On Thu, Jun 22, 2006 at 02:28:10PM -0700, Sarah wrote:
> I noticed that the the text tool cannot create multi-styled text... and
> apparently several bugs and/or enhancement requests have been filed asking
> for this feature.

when you ask for multi-styled text, what is it that you want?

GIMP does as much as a web browser does if you are talking about styled
text in the same way that html styles it.  if there is an italic font
available, the browser will use it and so will gimp.  neither the
browser or gimp will make an italic font if one does not exist on the

if you want fake styled fonts.  like where the software slants them or
makes them bold (and not how the font artist made the font) then the
freetype plug-in should work for you.

http://freetype.gimp.org although, i have not checked to see if that was
still there.

if you meant something else, please explain this.


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