I don't know if this would be better going to a different list... so
sorry if this is going to the wrong place!

And the "Gimp vrs photoshop" means that I will be comparing two of the
features of the two... not to argue one better than the other.

Anyway, I have been a gimp user for quite a while, And I have learned
how to harness a lot of the power underneath it's features.

BUT, that takes a lot of time! And I'm sure there are a lot of things
I don't know how to do (as far as effects go).

I was reading on a forum where this guy was posting that his son is an
all out photoshop user, and would often challenge him to do something
in gimp that he did in photoshop. He said that he was always able to
do it. I know I can't... as well as a lot of other people (especially
those just learning it).

I had tried out photoshop to see what it was like. And was able to get
the hang of it within a few hours because of it's similarities to the
gimp (Note: I use Gimp for web development... which is what I was
messing around with photoshop with. I did not explore the photo
editing of photoshop).

There are two main differences that stood out to me.

The first is the amount of affects and tools available. Photoshop had
far more than the gimp. It's menus are allot longer. I don't like
that. Gimp's tools are more flexible. Like I can make a glow by using
a white scriptfu shadow with a 0 offset (this concerns my idea for the

The second is the way the filters are applied. I like how photoshop
does it better. Instead of applying to the image itself... it acts
more like a filter. You apply it to the layer.
So say you put a shadow on it. When you edit the layer, the shadow
updates as well.
They only had this for the simpler effects it seems though (ones that
didn't take a lot of time to apply). I found that very nice for
designing web designs.
Photoshops snapping was also pretty cool... but not cool enough to
want in the gimp.

Now I guess those two things are just my opinion. So you may disagree
with me on that.

Now for my suggestion on the website. I think it would be very helpful
for have a section that would be like a cross between an FAQ and a
help desk.
Basically, people could post their questions on how to get a desired
effect on an image. Then other people who know how could answer these
questions in the form of an example. Then all the questions and
answers would be indexed (maybe according to rating) in an FAQ format.
That way, if someone who was new to gimp wanted to know how to put a
white glow around their image, they could look their. If no one has
asked that question, they could. And then it would be answered once
and for all, for all people!

Anyone else think this would be a good idea? I think it would be quite helpful.

BTW, does anyone know how to make an 'inner glow' on a shape?

Joey Marshall
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