Mohamed El Dawy wrote:

Is there a way to select all pixels in an image that are below certain color value, even if they are not adjacent? Basically, I have an image that I display in an outside program. Black is the color key (displays as transparent), becuase the image contains some very dark colors that are not really black (for example R=5, G = 0, B = 5 and so on), they appear as black, whilst I want them not to appear at all. Is there a way to select all those seemingly dark pixels (even if they are not adjacent) so that I can turn them to black? Thank you very much in advance
Adjust threshold and pick similar colours (Shift+O). When selected, press Ctrl+, (control plus comma) to replace selected areas' color to foreground one (black by default)
Layer>Colors>Level... choose top left eye-dropper („Pick black point“) and choose brightest region you want to appear black.
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