Warren Baird wrote:
Hi all,

I just upgraded to 2.3.9 from the 2.2.11 bundled in ubuntu 6.06.

I'm finding that the main dialogue and the layers dialogue are staying on-top of the image window. Is this an intentional change?

Ubuntu is customising the desktop and some applications to acomodate to the users' requests and for consistency. They probably have just changed the defaults. You can choose the window behaviour in the gimp preference window, "Window Management", and try different "hints" for the toolbox and the docks. You may also try to see what the checkbox "Toolbox and other docks are transient to the active display" can do for you. With a good window manager and taskbar, it can be a nice setting.

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I end up doing a lot of image manipulation on my laptop - and on a 1024x768 display, I really want to be able to use my entire display for the image window - I usually alt-tab back and forth between the image window and the other dialogues as needed.

This change makes the gimp almost unusable for me. Is there anyway to disable this behaviour? I've dug through the preferences page, and I couldn't see anything obvious.

Suggestions on how to fix this would be really appreciated - I'm afraid I'm probably going to have to go back to using the 2.2 family until I can figure out how to undo this...



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