devvv wrote:
hey guys,

got some questions for ya ;)

.) is there any possibility to merge connected layers instead of turning
the desired ones visible and use ctrl+m? if not, is this considered to
be implemented in future releases of GIMP?
That's 2 questions... so it should be 2 bullets ;)
so my answers would be :
.) I don't think so
.) I don't know

.) is there a shortcut that allows you to duplicate a layer easily
(without using the layer-duplicate-button)?
Well, pressing the "duplicate layer button" is easy, isn't it?
You can also drag and drop the layer thumbnail to the image window.
Ctrl-C and then Ctrl-V also duplicates stuff.

for example if you have
drawn a line, choose the move-tool, pressing ALT and then move the line
to another place and its automatically duplicated? (i know this from

.) how can i move a layer exactly on the horizontal or vertical axis? or
at a fixed angle, maybe at 45°?

You can use the arrow keys (pressing Shift moves 10 pixels at a time).
Another way is to place a guide at one edge of the layer and using it to guide the movement (guide are "magnetic") of the layer. For horizontal and vertical movements only.

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